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【Notice】“Special Fixed Benefit Payment (tentative name)”

カテゴリ:What's New 投稿日:2020/04/27

On April 23rd,2020 the University of Tokyo was informed by the ‘The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’ to notify all concerned personnel in the university about the across-the-board “Special Fixed Benefit Payment (tentative name)”. You are highly eligible to receive this benefit if you are registered as the head of your household in the Basic Resident Register as of April 27, 2020.
Be sure to check your mail box for the application form which will be sent to you by your local Municipal Government.
Below is an excerpt from The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication’s website.

1. Outline of the “Special Fixed Benefit Payment (tentative name)”
On April 20th, 2020, the Cabinet decided on “Emergency Economic Measures for corona virus infections”, in order to mitigate the economic fallout from the spread of the corona virus infections in the country and a “Special Fixed Benefit Payment (tentative name)” was implemented in order to provide financial support to households quickly and effectively while making sure not to spread the corona virus.
The headquarter to administer the “Special Fixed Benefit Payment (tentative name)” has been set up in The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

2. The purpose of this measure
The “Emergency Economic Measures for corona virus infections” was decided by the cabinet on April 20th, 2020, as under the national state-of-emergency declaration, it is necessary to further refrain from going out and coming into contact with other people while carrying on with our livelihood.
This measure has been implemented in order to provide financial support to households quickly and effectively, to express utmost respect and gratitude to all the people working at the medical facilities and other front line sites all over the nation, the whole nation overcoming unprecedented difficulties and coming together, uniting against the fight against this invisible enemy.

3. Administration and financial burden of this measure
The local Municipal Government is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the benefits.
The Japanese Government will subsidize all the expenses incurred for the implementation (the actual benefits and administrative expenses).

4. Eligibility and beneficiary
Eligibility for the cash subsidy from the government is based on the Basic Resident Register, you are eligible if you are registered in the Basic Resident Register as of April 27, 2020. Eligibility applies to yourself and registered members of your household as of that date. The beneficiary is the “head of household” of the household to which the person belongs.
Residents who have completed resident registration at the city hall where they reside with their address as of April 27th, 2020 are eligible.
Non-Japanese on short-term stay, 90 days or less are unable to register as a resident and thus not eligible to receive this benefit.

5. Amount of the benefit
100,000 yen per eligible recipient

6. How to apply for the benefits and application methods
In keeping with preventing the spread of the infections, avoiding person-to-person contact, the basic application methods for the benefits are as stated below (1) and (2)
In principle, the benefits shall be transferred to the bank account in the applicant’s name.

(1) Application by postal mail
Apply for the benefit by filling out the application form that will be mailed to you by your local municipal government (city, town, or village) office. Fill in the required information, including the bank account number where you want the benefit to be deposited. Mail the completed application back to your local government office, along with a copy of an official ID document (such as your driver’s license, passport) to verify the identity of the head of the household and a copy of document to verify your bank account.

The application form will be sent by postal mail to the head of every household in Japan. If you live by yourself, obviously, you are the head of your household.

(2) Online application method (available for My Number Card holders)
If you have a My Number Card, and can digitally verify your identity, you’ll be able to go to a website where you can apply for the subsidy online.
If you apply online with My Number, you will be able to verify your identity with a digital signature and do not have to separately verify your identity with a copy of an ID document.
The URL of the online application site has not yet been announced. It will be provided in the paper application that will be mailed to all residents.

7. Application and payment start date
The decision on the application dates lies with the Municipal Government (city, town, or village)
The application deadline is within three months from the date they start accepting the postal mail application.

For further detail please check the site:
(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Website)

(1) The Municipal Government (city, town, or village) decides on the application period, date when they will start mailing out the application forms to the residents and when they will start accepting completed applications respectively. Different municipalities will mail out application forms on different dates, please check with your local municipal government office for the application dates.

(2) It is uncertain how long it will take after application to receive the benefit.

(3) It is uncertain when you will receive the benefit after application and impractical to apply if you are leaving Japan soon. Benefits will not be transferred to bank accounts with different names other than the eligible recipient’s.

(4) Please close your bank accounts if you are leaving Japan. If your dates to return to Japan are confirmed, please consult with the bank. Please remember that it is illegal to sell or buy bank accounts (bank account passbooks, cash cards, etc.) in Japan. Please do not transfer your bank account passbook or cash cards to anyone.

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