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Q&A Category: 1) Application
<Q1> May I submit multiple applications?
<Q2> I have received two e-mails with username and PW. I guess this is because I submitted "Application" page two times. Which one should I use?
<Q3> I made some mistakes when filling the application form and submitted. Can I delete this one and submit a new one?
<Q4> I cannot enter my account with my username and password that you have given me.
<Q5> May I apply for two different laboratories?
<Q6> My major is not directly related to any of the laboratory choices. Can I still apply?
<Q7> Is there any application fee?
<Q8> How much is the participation fee?
<Q9> Is it possible to request a participation fee waiver. If yes, how should I request?
<Q10> I don't have a family name and my full name is my given name. In this case, is it alright to leave the space for family name blank?
<Q11> I don't have a passport now, so I cannot upload it in my application page. Can my application still be reviewed anyway?
<Q12> I chose different laboratories for my first and second preference. Who should my Cover Letter be addressed to?
<Q13> Is there the minimum score for TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC required in order to apply.
<Q14> I am from India, and have been educated since elementary school in English. Should I still submit a certificate of English proficiency?
<Q15> I have no TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC score sheet, and I am short on time to take any of these tests before the application deadline. Can I submit a test score of other institutions?
<Q16> My school does not show GPA on my transcript. What should I write in the item of GPA in "Application" page?
<Q17> My supervisor will send the recommendation letter directly to the UTSIP office. How can I check whether the letter is submitted or not.
<Q18> Do I still need to upload the recommendation letter if my supervisor sends it to the UTSIP office?
<Q19> I cannot access my "Application" page at the last minute before the deadline. How can I upload my files?
<Q20> I have missed the deadline and could not upload one application material. Will my application be accepted?
<Q21> I have not received the result of my application.
<Q22> I will be in a remote area where internet connection is very weak or non-existent in March.
<Q23> I am a national of the UK, and English is my first language. Do I need to submit anything under "Certificate of English Proficiency", or can I leave it as "unsubmitted"?
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