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Social Security / Health Insurance

National Health Insurance (NHI)

All international students who have a resident card and registered as a resident in Japan are eligible to get coverage under the National Health Insurance (NHI) plan. The University does not provide any health insurance plan, so the University expects all eligible students to acquire the NHI. You can apply for this insurance plan at the municipal office where you registered as a resident. As soon as you apply for it, an insurance card will be issued. Whenever you receive medical treatment for illness or injury, 70% of the cost will automatically be covered by NHI so you only need to pay 30% of the medical cost at the doctor’s office, clinic or hospital by showing your insurance card. Dental treatment is also covered by NHI. But some kinds of treatment are not covered by NHI, so it is advisable to consult with the doctor regarding the treatment you are going to receive. Whether it will be covered by the NHI or not. Your family members can also get coverage if you complete the necessary procedures at your municipal office when obtaining the NHI.

You will receive an invoice for insurance premiums in June. You must pay the premiums to be insured. The premiums are calculated according to your income of the previous year (From January 1 to December 31). Sometime between February and March, you must go to the municipal tax division of your municipal office to file for declaration of income or non income that will determine the premium for the next fiscal year. Most scholarships are not regarded as your income. If you fail to file for tax exemption, declaration of non income at the municipal office, you may be charged a much higher rate. If you have income in Japan, then you should expect your NHI premium to go up the following year due to this income.

When you leave Japan, you must return your insurance card to the municipal office, otherwise you will continue to be billed. Please remember to do this.

*Japanese fiscal year starts in April and ends in March.

NOTE: Remember to file for no income tax declaration, hikazei shinsei (非課税申請), if you had no income the previous year, every year from February to April (dates differ annually and there is a deadline) at the city hall, to qualify for the minimum premium rate of the National Health Insurance (around 1,400yen to 2,000yen per month).


IMAS: Inbound Medical Assistance Service for International Students at UTokyo

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) provides the titled service: IMAS (Inbound Medical Assistance Service) through a specialist organization for international students.

Details of the service
<Standard Service>
・Telephone Consultation available 24/7, 365 days a year.
・Referral to an appropriate hospital.
・Interpretation service provided over the phone while in hospital or during transfer to hospital.
・Contacting the University if necessary
<Emergency insurance associate with IMAS>
・Arrangement of transportation to a medical facility or for transfer to another medical facility in Japan or in one’s home country.
・Contact to and assistance for family in one’s home country, etc.

For more details, please see the following website.

Do you know IMAS?

To use this service please complete the application form on the following website.

*Students who are not eligible for the fee to be paid by the University should complete the form and then apply for IMAS. The annual fee is JPY 1,540.

Personal Accident Insurance of Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS)

When you enroll in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences and receive a student ID, you are automatically covered by the PAS plan. In the event of unexpected accidents during your academic and research activities at the University, a fixed amount of benefit will be paid once. For example, if you are injured while doing an experiment in the laboratory and your injury requires two days to recover, you will be paid JPY 3,000.

Personal Accident Insurance of Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS) – Futai Gakusou

When you enroll in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences and receive a student ID, you are eligible to buy this Futai Gakuso which covers daily life compensation. There are three types of compensation:

1) When you injure yourself or become sick
When you are hospitalized or need to go to a hospital for more than one day because you are ill, the 30% of the treatment cost that you are required to pay at the hospital after showing your NHI insurance card will be covered by the “Futai Gakusou”
2) Liability
Cases in which you injure someone else in an accident or break something that belongs to others, the “Futai Gakusou” will cover the compensation within the the limits of its regulations.
3) Additional expenses

If you acquire “Futai Gakusou”, it will be effective from the date of acquirement until your expected date of your graduation.


  Insurance fee (one-time payment)  : JPY 11,500 for one year
JPY 20,130 for two years
JPY 28,780 for three years

This fee is effective as of October 2019 (Subject to Change)

It is very simple and convenient to enroll in Futai Gakusou through the website.
For more details about Futai Gakusou and its website, please refer to the documents that we distributed at the International Students Orientation Guidance in April/September.
Where to apply:  Insurance Company

Declaring tax refund

Many students on “Student visa”, obtain work permits for part-time jobs.

1. For certain types of income under the “withholding tax system”, the employer is required to pay income tax and therefore this amount will be withheld at the time the income is paid to you.
If you have income from a part-time job and your income tax was withheld, you may be able to get some or all of the tax withheld back by submitting a tax return.

Filing a tax return can be complicated, however in order to get a refund, you must file a tax return at the tax office.

2. In case your yearly income from your part-time job is lower than JPY 380,000, you will not get a tax refund.
So you do not need to file a tax return.

The tax department regards foreign students who live solely on their scholarships as not having income.
Filing tax return is not required for people who do not have income, however for residence tax, you are required to declare your income at your city hall.
You can declare no income if you do not have a part-time job.

The amount of your National Health Insurance premium is calculated from the amount you declare for the residence tax.
If you do not declare your residence tax on time, you may be requested to pay more than necessary.


The Kashiwa Campus Medical Center 

Health Service Center on Hongo Campus

The University of Tokyo Hospital



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