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Scholarships applicable Pre-enrollment

1. ‘Todai Fellowship’ Applying through GSFS/UTokyo

Todai Fellowship is financial support to international students who are enrolling in doctoral courses at The University of Tokyo. This fellowship must be applied at the same time as submitting an application of entrance examination for the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS).

For details please see the following GSFS website:

Todai Fellowship


2. WINGS-PES stipend for UTSIP alumni wishing to study under Integrated Five-year Master- Doctoral Program

The University of Tokyo offers eighteen “WINGS” programs, a five-year Master’s-Doctoral degree program since February 2020, and GSFS offers one of them, “World-leading Innovative Graduate Study Program in Proactive Environmental Studies” (WINGS-PES) on Kashiwa campus.

For details of WINGS-PES: WINGS-PES – Home (English) (

In principle, when master’s course students finish their first semester of study at their respective department, they will have a chance to apply for a “WINGS” program if they wish to study continuously until doctoral studies. The applicable WINGS programs vary by the department you study at.

Once you are selected as a WINGS student, you will be able to receive a monthly stipend for the rest of your study period, which is about 4.5 years. If you complete all the requirements of the respective department as well as WINGS program’s, your Ph.D. Diploma will also show your successful completion of WINGS.

Only UTSIP alumni are able to apply for WINGS-PES when applying for an admission to GSFS. Please check the following WINGS-PES, Category 2 for details.

WINGS-PES – Application (

You will know the results of your admission and WINGS-PES at the same time.


3. Scholarships you are required to apply directly to the foundation by yourself

1. Scholarships offered by private organizations

There are some scholarships that you can apply directly to before coming to Japan. Below are  scholarships that GSFS students have been awarded in the past.

The Ajinomoto Scholarship Foundation

The Honda Foundation


2. MEXT Scholarship with Embassy recommendation

Every year in March the Japanese Embassy or consulate overseas invites applications for The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Scholarships. Contact and apply for a MEXT scholarship at the Japanese Embassy or consulate in the country of your citizenship. Those who pass the preliminary screening at the Japanese Embassy or  consulate will next need to apply directly to the Japanese universities in which they wish to enroll and obtain a letter of acceptance. If you are interested in pursuing your studies in the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, please refer to the site below in June.


3. African Development Bank (AfDB)

The African Development Bank offers financial support to international students who are interested in pursuing their studies in Japan. Please refer to the African Development Bank site below for application guidelines.


4. Scholarship applicable by departments or program

Please check the URL below for scholarship programs that are applicable for the major you wish to enroll in.


Scholarships applicable Post-enrollment

The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences introduces scholarships that are available after enrollment.
Details are posted on the News of GSFS website.
Please check the contents of the scholarship program and the application guidelines carefully before applying.

Financial Support

List of Scholarships

> 2022.5.18 Scholarship information for GSFS students and prospective students
> 2022.5.12 2022 Top Global University MEXT SCHOLARSHIP Application/ Closed
> 2022.5.11 JEES Scholarship(Priority Countries)/ Closed
> 2022.5.10 JEES Scholarship(Shugaku)/ Closed
> 2022.5.10 JEES Scholarship(COVID-19)/ Closed
> 2022.5.10 JEES・MUFGEmergency Support Scholarship/ Closed
> 2022.4.26 M.Maeda Memorial Trust/ Closed
> 2022.4.20 Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation/ Closed
> 2022.4.15 Direct Application: Uenohara Research Grant
> 2022.4.12 Direct Application: Baroque Murai Hiroyuki Foundation
> 2022.4.12 JASSO Scholarship Category Southwest Asia / Closed
> 2022.4.8 Inner Trip Foundation/ Closed
> 2022.4.8 The Ajinomoto Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2022.4.6 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Foundation for International Cooperation/ Closed
> 2022.4.5 Direct Application: Ushio Foundation
> 2022.4.4 Direct Application: Nitori International Scholarship Foundation
> 2022.4.4 Direct Application: Jissen-Sakurakai
> 2022.3.28 Honjo International Scholarship Foundation (Fall scholarship)/ Closed
> 2022.3.28 The Korean Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2022.3.22 MHI/MHPS Mirai Scholarship/ Closed
> 2022.3.22 AEON Scholarship/ Closed
> 2022.3.17 The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2022.3.15 The Daiohs Memorial Foundation/ Closed
> 2022.3.14 Hattori International Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2022.3.14 Docomo International Student Scholarship/ Closed
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