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Money and Banking

Japanese banks, including the Japan Post Bank (Post Office), offer several services including deposits and remittances, and payment through bank transfers. An account at a Japanese financial institution is required for the transfer of salary or scholarship money from the university.

Opening a bank account in Japan

Two important conditions for foreigners opening a bank account in Japan are the period of stay and status of residence of the applicant. Conditions vary from bank to bank, so please contact the particular bank for details. Generally, the Residence Card and hanko seal (depending on the institution) are required to open a bank account. An account in a particular financial institution specified by the university may be required for the receipt of scholarship money or other money paid by the university. Please check with the university before opening a new account.

In principle, foreigners who have been in Japan for 6 months or less can only open a non-resident bank account, not a resident bank account. A non-resident bank account has many restrictions, for example, it allows only deposit/withdrawal and does not allow for payments through automatic bank transfer and money transfer within Japan. After 6 months, a non-resident bank account can be changed to a resident bank account. Foreigners who have short-stay visas (e.g. exchange students) cannot open a Japanese bank account in most cases.

* Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) operates an automated teller machine on the Kashiwa campus.
* The nearest SMBC branch is near the east exit of Kashiwa Station.


ATM cards and credit cards issued overseas can be used on some convenience store teller machines and Japan Post Bank teller machines. For example, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, Plus, American Express, JCB and China UnionPay credit cards and ATM cards can be used to withdraw money from Seven Bank teller machines installed in Seven-Eleven stores. Japan Post Bank teller machines are installed all over Japan, providing easy access and facilitating usage. Seven Bank teller machine found in Seven-Eleven stores. Some large overseas banks such as Citibank and the Bank of China have branch offices in Tokyo.


For more details refer to Handbook of KASHIWA Campus Life (p.80).

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