The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences International Liaison Office

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences International Liaison Office
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The University of Tokyo
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Please read and understand the “Application terms and conditions” before proceeding with your application.

Application forms necessary for application can be downloaded from here.

Application form for Private Foundations Scholarships (ENG): Word

Application form for Private Foundations Scholarships (ENG): PDF

Sample Application Form

List of Scholarships

> 2021.1.14 Kawaguchi Shizu Memorial Scholarship/ Deadline: February 1st (Mon), 2021
> 2021.1.12 East Asian Circle of Applied Technology Foundation/ Deadline: February 10th (Wed), 2021
> 2020.12.25 Mitsubishi Corporation International Student Scholarship/ Closed
> 2020.12.16 Hashiya Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.12.16 Tonen International Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.12.11 Guidelines for MEXT Scholarship application Super Global University Project (SGU) – ACY 2021 have been posted.
> 2020.12.11 Iuchi Asia Students Memorial Foundation (Type 30)/ Closed
> 2020.12.8 Seiho Scholarship/ Closed
> 2020.12.1 Iuchi Asia Students Memorial Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.11.20 Japan Material International Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.11.20 The Iwatani Naoji Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.11.19 Tsuji International Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.11.11 TAISEI Scholarships for International Students/ Closed
> 2020.11.6 AEON Scholarship/ Closed
> 2020.11.4 JEES・Softbank AI Scholarship/ Closed
> 2020.10.28 The University of Tokyo Foundation for Supporting International Students / Closed
> 2020.10.26 Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.10.8 ITO Foundation for International Education Exchange/ Closed
> 2020.10.8 Japan China Friendship Association Ariake Japan Scholarship/ Closed
> 2020.10.1 More Jobs Better Lives Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.9.30 Takaku Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.9.17 Hayashi Rheology Memorial Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.9.16 JASSO Honors Scholarship for privately financed international students (Special slots)/ Closed
> 2020.9.15 Park Yong Koo Scholarship Foundation/ Closed
> 2020.9.10 Teijin Scholarship Foundation / Closed
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