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Upon Graduation

Procedures for Returning

1. Official Procedure

◆At the Municipal Office
You can submit a move-out notification to the municipal office where you live in 14 days before the planned move-out date.
Bring with you the documents required to verify your return dates, such as airline tickets, as well as identification documents, such as residence cards, passports, etc.
Return your national health insurance card. If you forget to carry out these necessary procedures at the municipal office, they will keep billing you and send important documents on the health insurance.
At that time, it is also necessary to settle the excess or deficiency of the insurance premium. Check the insurance fee at the National Health Insurance counter at the municipal office and make the payment if necessary.

If you do not plan to come back to Japan after leaving, you will need to return your My Number Card and My Number Notification Card to the Family Registration Section at the municipal office.
In case there is any chance of coming back to Japan, they will return your My Number Card to you with the word “返納(Return)” on it.
You will need this My Number Card when you come to Japan again and register as a resident. Your My Number doesn’t change, so please keep it in a safe place even after returning to your home country.

◆Procedures for withdrawing from the national pension plan
Undertake procedures at the municipal office or social insurance office.

◆At the port of exit when leaving Japan
Return your Residence Card or Alien Registration Card and inform the immigration officer that you are leaving Japan. The officer will stamp on your passport. If you do not do this, you would be recorded as an illegal resident in Japan.

2. Procedures at the University

Please return cards such as student cards to the appropriate office and library. Those who have enrolled in the MEXT Mutual Society of Health Insurance, the Student Mutual Benefit, or Co-op, possess credit cards (Tuo card) should undertake the proper cancellation procedures. Share capital will be returned in full if Co-op cancellation procedures are undertaken.


3. Off-Campus Procedures

◆Post Office
Please inform the local post office of your move. Postal mails will be forwarded to the new address for a fixed period of time if the address is in Japan, however postal mails cannot be forwarded if the address is not in Japan. Please consult the affiliated office and provide the post office with a domestic contact address if there is a possibility that important documents such as invoices will arrive after you leave Japan.


Although most Japanese banks do not charge account maintenance fees, but it is under considerations and banks may start charging account maintenance fees. Be sure to close your bank account before returning to your country. Unfortunately, there are many fraud cases in Japan. It has been reported that many of the bank accounts used in these fraud cases were made by international students during their stay in Japan and sold when they returned to their country. Close your bank accounts before leaving Japan and never sell your accounts to anyone. Selling your bank account is a crime in Japan.

Give the owner and real estate agent two months notice of your intention to move out once the date of your move is fixed. Note that, depending on the state of the rooms at the time of moving out, the full amount of the deposit may not be reimbursed. Those enrolled in “Comprehensive Renter’s Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan” should carry out withdrawal procedures at the International Students and Researchers Support Group (Hongo Campus).

Inform the utility companies and terminate contracts once the date of your move is fixed. It is possible to have someone come and read the utility meters on the day of your departure and to settle outstanding bills on the spot. Those leaving Japan must settle their bills on the day they move out of their accommodation.

◆Telephone (Cell phone)
You’ll need to bring your cell phone directly to the shop of your carrier to cancel your phone service. Some companies allow you to choose a date in advance to cancel your service, but others only offer cancellation on the day you visit the shop. Currently due to the Covid-19 pandemic measures, all services at the shops are by appointments only. You need to make an appointment in advance, so don’t forget to make an appointment as soon as your departure date is fixed. Make sure you pay all your phone bills before you leave Japan. Cell phone companies contract law offices to collect overdue phone bills and you will be contacted by their lawyers. Unpaid phone bills will affect your credit score.

4. Alumni Association

The following alumni associations have been set up by international students who graduated from the University of Tokyo. We thoroughly recommend you contact their offices and sign up. The associations provide information relating to the university and run various exchanges and activities.

> Todai Beijing Friendship Association (China)
> Shanghai Icho-kai (China)
> University of Tokyo Alumni Association (Thailand)
> Southern California Todai-Kai (alumni association centered on Los Angeles, USA)
> NY Icho-kai (alumni association centered on New York, USA)

University of Tokyo Alumni Akamon Gakuyukai
e-mail: gakuyukai


Please refer to the Handbook of Kashiwa Campus Life 2020 (p.133~138)

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